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About us
Tongguanshan Chemical Industry Limited Company, Tongling city, Anhui province, lies in Chinese ancient copper capital and birthplace of Bronze culture - Tongling city. Changjiang river lies on the west, Tongling-Shanghai railway is on the north, scenic Huangshan mountain and Jiuhua mountain lie on the south. So its land and water transportation is leading everywhere and very convenient.
Tongguanshan Chemical Industry Company was established in 1962. For more than 40 years, we depend on science and technology and go along the road with internal and external mutual developments. We have fully used advantage of local sulfur resource and developed fertilizer and chemical product made from phosphorus and sulfur. At present, annual output of all kinds of fertilizers with brand “Jiuhuashan” has reached 600,000 tons, sulfuric acid 320,000 tons. We have been one of national large enterprises and fertilizer manufacturing bases. Currently, there are more than 2,100 employees. Among them, more than 200 are professional ones. We own advanced manufacturing equipments, stronger development and design abilities and our own intelligent property right. In October, 2000, we passed the attestation of “ISO 9001 Quality management system”. Brand “Jiuhuashan” has been honored “Anhui provincial famous trademark” and “Generally accepted famous brand prise” of the first batch in Anhui province. Calcium superphosphate with brand "Jiuhuashan" is a national check-free product and Anhui provincial famous brand product. Our series phosphate fertilizers with brand “Jiuhuashan” have all been national check-free products. Brand "Jiuhuashan" series products have been confirmed a “Recommending product of China famous brand”.
Now, we work hard to increase using rate of resource and additional value of products, enforce development of new product, new technology and new production technique, speed adjustment of products structure, upgrade our products, speed technological innovation on fine chemical product. We firmly go on the road of quality and performance and stick to the policy of “Product stands for our own characters, quality is our lives. ” and “Satisfaction and quality are our pursuing targets” so we can get sustained development.
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